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  • Top 7 Turkish Food to Overfeed Your Taste Buds

    Top 7 Turkish Food to Overfeed Your Taste Buds

    Craving for some tasty Turkish treats but don’t have a clue where to start? Here are 10 special Turkish recipes that should be perfect for your hungry palette. 1. Kebaps Ever wondered what those big slabs of roasted meat you see in most Turkish restaurants were? The ones where they take big chunks off and…

  • Turkish Eggplant Dish (Karniyarik)

    Turkish Eggplant Dish (Karniyarik)

    Karniyarik literally means “split belly” in Turkish. This Turkish eggplant dish is one of the classic cuisines in Turkey. The combination of the spicy ground beef and creamy eggplant is very addicting. Its one of my favorite dishes growing up. I remember my mom making this dish throughout the year. I can still smell the roasting…

  • Turkish Recipes and Cuisine

    Turkish Recipes and Cuisine

    Turkey is in a unique geographical position, straddling both Europe and Asia, and thus the national cuisine combines both European and Asian influences. In fact, Turkish cuisine owes much of its heritage to the cuisine of the vast Ottoman Empire, which encompassed not only what is today modern Turkey, but also territories in the Middle…