Food Delivery Best Restaurant in Istanbul

Food Delivery Best Restaurant in Istanbul


Istanbul is an amazing city, but it’s also a foodie’s paradise. You can find anything from modern Turkish cuisine to authentic dishes from every region in Turkey. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your hotel room! Here is our favorite places for food delivery:

Takipi Turkish Cuisine

Takipi Turkish Cuisine is located in Beyoglu, Istanbul. The restaurant serves modern Turkish cuisine with a twist.

Takipi Turkish Cuisine has a wide selection of dishes to choose from and also offers daily lunch specials that you can’t miss out on!

Onur’s Modern Turkish Cuisine

  • Location: Onur’s Modern Turkish Cuisine is located in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.
  • Hours: Monday through Sunday, 11:30 am to 10 pm.
  • Contact Information: (312) 321-4559 or [email protected] for restaurant reservations and information about dining at Onur’s Modern Turkish Cuisine.
  • Menu Prices for Dining at Onur’s Modern Turkish Cuisine Include a Starter Salad with Dressing ($5), Main Course (Chicken Shish Kebab), Vegetables Platter, Side Dish Platter ($7-$10), Desserts We Offer Here At Our Restaurant And Wine List Which Comes With Every Meal Ordered Here At Our Restaurant In Istanbul Turkey!

Cengiz Pastanesi

Cengiz Pastanesi is a popular Istanbul restaurant that has received rave reviews from both Yelp and TripAdvisor. The restaurant sits in the Sultanahmet district, which means it’s close to many of Istanbul’s best attractions. It has an extensive menu with everything from kebabs and pide (Turkish pizza) to seafood platters, soups, and salads. The prices are reasonable considering how much food you get–but don’t be fooled by its name: this place offers more than just pastry (pastry).

The owner/cook is a former pastry chef who learned how to make these treats while working at another restaurant in town; now he sells them out of his own storefront on Istiklal Street, where he also serves up other Turkish specialties such as dolma kebab or kofte (meatballs). For lunchtime crowds looking for something quick but healthy before they head out into the city center later on during their days off from work all week long, this would be perfect!


Pide Club – Istanbul’s Best Pide & Dessert Place!

Pide Club is a restaurant in Istanbul that specializes in pide and desserts. They have a nice atmosphere, good service, and a wide variety of options. The staff is friendly, but they seem to be overwhelmed by the number of people coming through their doors–they don’t offer reservations or call ahead for orders unless you ask for one.

The menu includes both vegetarian and meaty options; however, some of the meatier dishes (like kofte) are served with lamb instead of beef because it’s more commonly available at local grocery stores these days than beefalo (or perhaps this was just an experiment?). They also offer free wifi throughout their space so if you want some time away from your phone while waiting on food delivery then this may be worth checking out!




Food Delivery Best Restaurant in Istanbul

  • Takipi Turkish Cuisine
  • Onur’s Modern Turkish Cuisine
  • Cengiz Pastanesi
  • Pide Club – Istanbul’s Best Pide & Dessert Place!


Happy eating!

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