she’s one warm mama and he or she’s bringing the heat to her haters.

self-described “sexy mom” jen ferguson is slamming “jealous” critics who claim she’s a awful parent without a doubt because of her exact looks and skimpy apparel.

the blond bombshell regarded on a current episode of actually’s “my terrific own family” alongside her husband, stephen donnelly, 43, son, levi, 12, and step-sons, lincoln and parker.

throughout the episode, ferguson spoke out about her racy dresser, saying: “i’m 31, but i like to dress like the young women. i just like to experience attractive. that’s my vibe.”

“it’s a laugh to reveal a touch bit of pores and skin and a touch cleavage,” the outspoken mama brought. “however i have been judged… i assume their [her critics] biggest trouble is they assume i’m a mother, i have sons, i shouldn’t be displaying this, however come on. we all have a chest. we all have a body.”

ferguson — who’s presently pregnant together with her 2nd toddler — says she believes her girl detractors are “jealous because they don’t have the self belief i’ve.”

“confidence doesn’t mean that i’m so into myself and the entirety,” the beauty explained. “it simply method that i’m assured in who i am, and it took quite a few years to get here. people either love or hate my fashion, but i simply roll with it.”

son levi additionally spoke for the duration of the episode, revealing that “all his buddies have a huge weigh down” on his mother.

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