THE 10 BEST Chinese Restaurants in Istanbul (Updated 2023)

THE 10 BEST Chinese Restaurants in Istanbul (Updated 2023)


Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and it’s also home to a huge Chinese population. The city has several restaurants serving traditional Chinese dishes, but no matter which one you choose, it will be hard to beat some of these classics:

Shanghai Cuisine

Shanghai Cuisine is a popular spot in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu neighborhood, with the restaurant itself located on Şehir Sk. No:100 and its sister location at Küçük Aynalı Sokak No 1. The menu features traditional Chinese dishes like dumplings, noodles, and stir fry rice. Prices range between 10-15 TL ($5-7) per dish depending on what you order.

The restaurant has received positive reviews from both locals and tourists alike as one of the best places to get authentic Chinese food in Istanbul!

BEST Chinese Restaurants in Istanbul

Jiang’s Kitchen

Jiang’s Kitchen is located in the Grand Bazaar and is one of the most popular chinese restaurants in Istanbul. It has a great atmosphere and serves authentic Chinese food, which is rare to find anywhere else in Turkey. The restaurant has been around since 1994, so it’s been around long enough to know what customers want!

If you’re looking for somewhere that serves authentic Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices, then Jiang’s Kitchen should be on your list!

Dong Shui Huo Vegetarian Restaurant

If you’re looking for an authentic Chinese vegetarian restaurant, Dong Shui Huo Vegetarian Restaurant is the one to go to. The food here is delicious and filling, but it’s also reasonable in price. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very relaxing—it has a homey feel and you can feel at ease while enjoying your meal.

If you want to try out some traditional Chinese cuisine without having to spend too much money on it (and if you don’t mind going outside of your comfort zone), then this place will give you what you need!

Ming Xiao Yuan Supermarket, No. 2 Cankaya Street, Gümüşsuyu

Ming Xiao Yuan Supermarket is a Chinese supermarket in Gümüşsuyu. It has a large selection of Chinese food, condiments and other products. The store also sells traditional Chinese medicine for health care purposes.

BEST Chinese Restaurants in Istanbul

Chinese restaurant in Kadıköy

  • Address: Cihangir Mahallesi, Kadıköy
  • Phone number: 0212-636 1044
  • Price range: Between $1-$10 per meal (for a main dish)
  • Hours of operation: 11AM to 10PM daily; closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Jiajun Huo Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Location: Beyoglu, Istanbul.
  • Cuisine: Chinese/Vietnamese fusion.
  • Prices: From 15 TL to 40 TL per person depending on your choice of entree and side dish (appetizer).
  • Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 1am

Chinatown Restaurant (İstinye)

Chinatown Restaurant is located in İstinye, and it has been serving authentic Chinese food since the 1950s. The restaurant is known for its hot pot and dim sum, which are both very popular among locals.

The price range at Chinatown Restaurant varies from 25 TL to 70 TL ($8-$16).

The cuisine type at this restaurant includes Sichuan (Szechuan), Cantonese, Hunan Province style cooking, Shanghai Noodles etc., but it also offers some meats like pork belly and duck on their menu as well! If you need something sweet after your meal then try their egg custard pudding or baozi stuffed with minced meat filling! Or if you want something savory then go for the fried rice noodles or stir-fried vegetables with garlic chili sauce on top! You can also order soups along with your main dish if desired too!

If you’re looking for some good places where everyone knows each other then head over here because they have great servers who work there since forever so they know how everything works inside out already 🙂

BEST Chinese Restaurants in Istanbul

Hunan West China Cuisine

Hunan West China Cuisine

Location: Kadıköy, Istanbul

Price Range: 25-40 TL

Cuisine: Hunan (Chinese)

Specialty: Chinese Cuisine

Style: Traditional Chinese/Sichuanese cuisine. This restaurant specializes in spicy food and has a unique style of serving it. You can order a number of dishes from their menu including pork spareribs, fried cauliflower with garlic sauce, chicken with black bean sauce or even chili chicken wings! They also offer an extensive vegetarian selection that includes tofu steamed buns as well as stir fry vegetables served with rice or noodles in front of you on the table so you can try them out yourself before ordering anything else!

China-Kebab Restaurant

China-Kebab Restaurant is located in the Galata neighborhood, which is a popular place for tourists and locals alike. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of both Chinese and Turkish dishes, including dumplings and kebabs. It’s also known for its extensive lunch buffet that includes all the classics: fried rice noodles with beef, chicken teriyaki skewers (or other meats), sauteed vegetables with garlic sauce, etc.

China Kebab has received some great reviews from customers who were pleased with their meals at this restaurant:

Shanghai Noodle House

Shanghai Noodle House is a casual restaurant with a menu that changes every week. The food is cheap and delicious, and they have all kinds of options for vegetarians as well as vegans. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 11:00am-10:00pm, Saturday from 9:30am-6:00pm (closed on Sundays), and Sunday from 10:00am-4:00pm.

The restaurant offers takeout service for those who don’t want to eat in their own home; however, if you’re feeling more like being social with friends or family members—or even just having an impromptu dinner party—then this place might not be ideal for you because everyone else will probably want something else too! Some people might also find it hard to get reservations here because there aren’t many seats available so if you do try calling ahead then give yourself at least two weeks’ notice before trying again because otherwise chances are high that someone else will beat your arrival time by walking right up while waiting outside near another customer’s table (who happens also happen not read anything about how long ago we last updated this article).

BEST Chinese Restaurants in Istanbul

Here are the best chinese restaurants in Istanbul

Shanghai Cuisine

This restaurant is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Istanbul. It serves authentic Chinese dishes and has an extensive menu with something for everyone. You can try their famous dishes such as noodles, dumplings or soups. They also have a selection of vegetarian options if you are looking for something more healthy than your usual fried rice with meatballs!

Jiang’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for some traditional Chinese cuisine then Jiang’s Kitchen is definitely worth checking out! Their menu consists mainly of noodles but they also have many other options like dumplings and stir fries whether it be pork or chicken (or tofu). This particular restaurant is located right on İstiklal Avenue next to Taksim Square so if you need somewhere close by then this would be perfect!


In conclusion, these are the best Chinese restaurants in Istanbul. If you are looking for a great dinner or lunch experience and have some time to spare, then this list should help guide you in the right direction.

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