THE 10 BEST Italian Restaurants in Istanbul (Updated 2023)

THE 10 BEST Italian Restaurants in Istanbul (Updated 2023)


Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world to eat Italian food, and it has a long history of being a hub for pizza-loving pilgrims. So what better way to get up Close with your favorite cuisine than by visiting some of these top-notch eateries?

La Perla del Lido

  • Address:
  • Phone number: +90 212 535 0010
  • Hours of operation: Mon-Sat 12 noon – 2pm, 6pm – 11pm (daily)
  • Menu items include: Antipasti di pesce, Antipasti di carne e formaggio, Insalata mista con crostacei al vino rosso e salmone affumicato; Primi piatti come la carbonara alla bolognese con tonno sott’olio; Secondi piatti come le tagliatelle al ragu con scamorza dolce cotta nel forno a legna; Desserts like Tiramisù al cioccolato bianco con crema fresca di meletto o Nutella in frittelle panettone con una salsa amara al limone.

Piccolo Mondo

  • Location: On the first floor of a shopping center on the Asian side of Istanbul, Piccolo Mondo is easy to find and offers both indoor and outdoor dining.
  • Menu: The menu at this restaurant is limited but offers some great options for any palate – from starters like mozzarella al pomodoro (tomato) with basil pesto, to pasta dishes like linguine alla carbonara or spaghetti alla carbonara, there are plenty of options for those who want something more substantial than just an appetizer or salad. Some other highlights include whole fish baked in wine sauce with potatoes, shrimp scampi served over risotto cake made with cheese and tomato sauce as well as steak tartare (raw beef). If you’re looking for something lighter (or if it’s late night), try an Italian soda such as Campari & Soda instead!
  • Price range: $$-$$$$$

Osteria Roscioli

Osteria Roscioli is a great place to eat Italian food. It’s located in Beyoglu, which is the most popular neighborhood in Istanbul. The restaurant has great service and atmosphere, with music playing throughout most of the day. You won’t be disappointed by this place!

Osteria Roscioli offers dishes such as risotto alla milanese (risotto with Milanese ham), tagliatelle al pesto, pizza al forno and also desserts like tiramisu and cannoli cream desserts. The prices are very reasonable for what you get here so don’t miss out on eating at Osteria Roscioli if you’re looking for an authentic Italian meal while visiting Istanbul!

Taberna del Virgilio

The Taberna del Virgilio is located in Beyoglu and offers traditional Italian dishes. It has a simple menu, but the food is very good. The place is small and cozy, so it can get crowded during peak hours (like on weekends).

The prices are reasonable; you can expect to pay between 15-20TL per person for an appetizer or main course depending on what you order. They have a children’s menu as well that includes pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs or chicken breast with mashed potatoes and peas; this is perfect if your child wants something simple without having to learn how to eat complicated foods like pizza!

You don’t need reservations because they only take cash payments here – however there are plenty of tables available so don’t worry about finding one before going there!

Antica Trattoria San Marco

Antica Trattoria San Marco is a great place for Italian food in Istanbul. It’s located near the Topkapi Palace, which makes it convenient for travelers looking to get away from city traffic and enjoy some quiet time. The cuisine here offers traditional dishes such as pasta with tomato sauce or lasagna with mozzarella cheese. There are also meat options like grilled chicken breast or steak tartare if you’re feeling carnivorous!

The price range of Antica Trattoria San Marco depends on what kind of dish you order (the most expensive dish costs 42 TL per person). If you prefer seafood instead of meat, then opt for grilled fish fillet with potatoes served with mixed vegetables ($15). This meal will only set you back 23 TL ($5 USD)!

Service at Antica Trattoria San Marco is excellent! They greet customers by name when they arrive so that everyone feels welcome before sitting down together at one table together.”

Trattoria Ferruccio’s (Ferruccio’s)

This restaurant is located on the waterfront in Beyoglu, and it’s one of the best places to go for Italian cuisine. It has an excellent location, with views over the Golden Horn and Taksim Square. The food here is also delicious, with plenty of pasta dishes available as well as traditional antipasti like bruschetta and grilled meats.

The price range at Trattoria Ferruccio’s varies depending on what you order; however, most dishes cost around TL50/75 per person. If you’re looking for something more affordable than this but still want good Italian food, consider eating at one of Istanbul’s other restaurants listed here!

Service at Trattoria Ferruccio’s can be hit or miss depending on how busy they are (there were some wait times during our visit). However, if you want friendly service that goes beyond just showing up once your table is ready (or not), then this might not be the place for you – there wasn’t much interaction between us and our server which made us feel as though we weren’t really valued customers even though we had paid cash upfront for both ourselves & our friend who joined us later down same road less traveled than usual tourist route through city center area…

Il Giardino dei Taralli (Taralli Garden)

Il Giardino dei Taralli (Taralli Garden)

  • Location: Yedikule, Istanbul.
  • Cuisine: Italian cuisine.
  • Price range: Covered terrace and indoor seating can be found at this restaurant, which serves up dishes like pasta, risotto and salads. The prices range from 25 Turkish Lira ($8) to 50 Turkish Lira ($17).

Other details: This is a good choice if you want something simple but delicious that won’t break the bank!

Da Riccardo (Il Passante)

Address: Cevahir Sokak, 45001 Beyazit, Istanbul

Phone number: +90 212 245 2611

Hours of operation: Daily noon-5 p.m.; closed on Mondays and Tuesdays except for lunch hours (12-4 p.m.). Reservations are accepted for parties of up to 14 people only at any time during these hours; otherwise you can always get seated at the bar area or take away options from their menu board. Prices range from around $10-$30 per person depending on what you order and how hungry you are feeling! The chef will be happy to create an original dish with whatever ingredients he has available that day – so if there’s something special on offer then make sure not forget about it! Our favorite specialty is definitely their homemade pastas which come out in small wooden bowls filled with sauce generously poured over each portion before serving it up hot off the stovetop so they’re still piping hot when served up straight outta kitchen countertop onto plates stacked neatly side by side next table where guests wait patiently waiting impatiently impatiently impatiently impatiently impatience

Here are the 10 best Italian restaurants in Istanbul.

  • La Tasca: A small, cozy restaurant with a very friendly staff. They have great food and are open all day long, making them ideal for breakfast or lunch. This is a great place to go if you want to try some authentic Spanish tapas.
  • Rustica: If you want an authentic Italian dining experience without having to travel far away from Istanbul, then this restaurant is where it’s at! It has amazing pizza and pasta dishes that are sure to please any palate. The servers here speak English well enough so even if there isn’t anyone else in your party who speaks Italian or Spanish (or both), it shouldn’t be too hard for them to understand what you’re saying anyway!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Italian restaurants in Istanbul. If you have any suggestions on where to eat, please share them with us in the comments below.

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